June 2003
Day & Night /IR Camera
Introducing the technology of Day & Night camera. Frequent asked questions :
  1. What is Day and night camera? What is IR camera? Are both having the same function and feature?
  2. What is color-killing camera?
    Quoted from reputable CCTV manufacturer in South Korea, Day & Night(D&N) camera is categorized into 3 levels and the option of with and without IR LEDs.
Day & Night
Color Separation (optional of with or without IR LEDs)
Color Killing (optional of with or without IR LEDs)
Filter Change (optional of with or without IR LEDs)

For all D & N camera, when camera is in sufficient light; it display color image. Insufficient light levels, will turn into black & white.
IR LEDs are added in to help the camera to see in the dark.

Color Suppression
Color Killing
Filter Change

When camera recognizes that the light level is not enough to display color image, it will automatically turn color image into lighter condition.(not black & white).

The disadvantages of the Color separation camera are:

  • Color representation is poor, i.e.: it will turn red into pink or orange.
  • Picture quality is poor in dark due to the color noise still present.



When camera recognizes that light level is not enough, it will turn color to monochrome completely by killing the color burst.

As losing the color burst completely, the picture quality will become clearer in b/w mode.

The true D & N mode having 2 different filters built in :

OLPF filter in the day and GLASS filter during the night.

When light level is not enough, the camera will turn into b/w by color killing and changes the OLPF to Glass Filter mechanically.

As Glass filter has 20~30% higher light transparency than OLPF, D&N cameras with filter change technology has the best picture quality and performance of all.

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